June 2nd 2024

Location to be announced soon!

Interested in showcasing your ADU?

Do you have an ADU and want to be the talk of the ADU community? Share your ADU journey to others in need of inspiration and guidance!

If you’re an owner, designer, architect, or builder, the SoCal ADU Tour is an ideal opportunity to showcase your accomplishments.

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Explore Previous Editions Selected ADUs!

Los Angeles Edition ADU Tour was held on February 10th.
The ADUs were divided into two clusters

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Get ready for the next edition of SoCal ADU Tours!

All over California, people are discovering the benefits of ADUs. Build financial security, retire with confidence, or provide a home for your loved ones.

The SoCal ADU Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities, fire up your imagination, and start planning your ADU journey today.

Learn more about the costs, the process, and the possibilities. Get a feel for what an ADU might look like on your property.

Our SoCal ADU Tour highlights various types of ADUs, giving you a taste of what’s possible. Meet people who have been through the process and can help you achieve your dreams.


There’s no substitute for talking to real homeowners who have been through the process of planning, financing, and building their dream ADU.  

Tour participants will meet people just like them who have already been through the process.  Find out what they learned, how it worked for them, and what they recommend to someone who’s just getting started.

The SoCal ADU will take you to ten or more ADUs in a single day, giving you the opportunity to meet a variety of builders, designers, architects, and owners. Learn all about the ADUs you’re visiting and gather ideas for your own ADU project.


Great living spaces are born of the imagination. See the possibilities. Gather ideas. Talk to real homeowners, builders, and designers about their experience.

Wherever you are on your ADU journey, there’s no substitute for getting that hands-on experience in the living spaces created by people in your community.

The SoCal ADU Tour offers a unique opportunity to fire your imagination, see the possibilities, and plan the next steps of your ADU journey. Join HOMEPLEX for this eye opening experience. You won’t get a sales pitch, – just an opportunity to explore some unique living spaces, learn about ADUs, and imagine the possibilities.